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Using conjunctions is an easy way to help children expand their utterances. Once children are able to create word combinations they need to use conjunction words, such as "to, for, at, in, on, with," to provide more details in their sentences. These conjunction cards were created to help children learn the contexts in which these phrases are used. First, choose your target conjunction word. Then the child will just have to label the picture, add the conjunction, then label the next picture to be successful in creating these phrases. For example, using the conjunction "in" the deck includes a bird and a nest, so the child would say "bird IN nest." It's that simple! For higher-level children you could practice the conjunctions, then work on expanding phrases. For example, the phrase "bird IN nest" could be expanded to "the blue bird is singing IN the nest."

Expanding Utterances with "ON" Prepositional Phrases

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